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Silly Willy Wheels on the Bus Book

Silly Willy Wheels on the Bus Book

by Anne Gothong

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Dimensions: 8.5"W x 8.5"H (21.59cm x 21.59cm)

Recommended age: 1-5 years old

Themes: discover culture, vehicles, rhymes, sing-along, silly fun

This book is a spin-off of the classic "Wheels on the Bus" nursery rhyme, with full-page illustrations of different bus types from around the world. From the guided bus of Germany that go on train tracks, to the iconic double-decker bus of London, your bus-loving little one will enjoy learning and singing!


"Silly Willy Wheels on the Bus" is a lively and entertaining children's book by Anne Gothong that offers a hilarious twist on the classic "Wheels on the Bus". This book brings fun and learning together as children giggle and sing their way through a global bus journey, discovering unique buses from various countries along the way.

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