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Special Signs of Spring: A Rhyming Kids Book About Spring

Special Signs of Spring: A Rhyming Kids Book About Spring

by Anne Gothong

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Dimensions: 8.5"W x 8.5"H (21.59cm x 21.59cm)

Recommended age: 1-5 years old

Themes: educational, environmental awareness, whimsical, rhyming, word recognition

This little book is part of a fun series that teaches children about the transitional, environmental changes between seasons. It features the author's toddler son and his lovey bunny, going on adventures together. The themes are wholesome, educational and full of wonder. The words are perfect for bright and early readers. The full-page illustrations are whimsical and made with lots of love. We hope you and your loved ones will enjoy these books!

Just when Davey is used to his world being white and shimmery and freezing, he wakes up to find that the world has changed again. The snow is melting and the world starts turning green. He doesn’t understand what’s going on, but luckily Davey has a plush Bunny that is happy to explain everything there is to know about winter turning into spring.

Special Signs of Spring is a beautiful story that will warm your heart and teach your little ones about the many changes that happen when springtime is here.

One minute the world can be covered in a blanket of snow, and the next moment the sun is shining while the birds are chirping outside your window. Kids will soon realize there is a lot of fun to be had outside when spring has sprung!

The lovely illustrations as well as the rhyming verse will be sure to make your little one excited learning about the signs of spring.

Recommended for children ages 1-5

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